Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum, still inedited to the public, is the name of the new series of brazilian artist Plínio Palhano, which main thematic is centered in fish figure. In its Latin denomination, Mare Nostrum - the "our sea" of ancient Romans - evoke the emblem of the universal and permanent and, besides that, an exploratory sense obsessively poetic and refined. Its fishes travel in a cosmic and liberator spiral. Visions, details, brightness and shadows, loneliness and complicity spread it selves in a choreography where superficies and profundities corresponds. From abyssal time and spaces, the fish brings the light, like a symbol it scintillates; among the marine nebula it's a vivid message.

Introduction of the pictures

More than 30 pictures, all of them in acrylic on canvas, form a unique body, though every picture has its esthetic autonomy. Its dimensions vary: from 40 ´ 50 to 120 ´ 150 and they follow a spontaneous conception, in which the symbolic and abstract idea of Fish consolidated itself as the conductive motive.